Welcome to The Empire. If your not human, your a slave.

In this campaign Humans aren’t the just. The empress rules 3/4 quarters of the world. Most of the gods have fallen before her and dragons…..they just fell now believed to be extinct. Not all the gods fell some went into hiding. Now they pull their resources with the help of the Sage Melora. They summon Heroes/Heroines from other worlds to help raise an army to stop the Empress.

The goals are simple adventure find resources, allies, and take down the Empress. This is a d20 dnd style game. There is a lot of home brew. Amongst the more unique is you can unlock more characters and playable slots. Example: Your Hero is busy on a side quest. You’ve unlocked the drow ranger. You run that character in place of your hero. She rises through the ranks and becomes one of your heroes generals or maybe you unlocked the alchemist who is camped at base making potions for your armies. So on and so forth.